Through Famous Equation's personal evolution coaching I was able to reach goals that I often put to the side and ignored. They were aspirations and hopes, but they have finally become realities. I feel like I have truly grown as a person and gained new skills I never would have gained, or realized I needed, without this experience. I'm now able to recognize when I need more balance in my life, and what tasks to focus on first so I can attain the bigger picture goal. I feel confident in my decision-making and I am now able to reach my goals by using the tools I was given by my coach and the personal evolution coaching experience.

I elected to take the Myers-Briggs personality assessment to learn more about my personality type. This helped me focus on my innate needs and desires, which enabled me to figure out what my goals are and what I actually want. I feel like I work more cohesively to problem solve and make resolutions. I've learned how to build healthy relationships through balance and by working with my personality type instead of against it. In this experience I also learned about my inner critic and how to build a healthy relationship with myself.

Coaching has really impacted the way I think in a positive way. It has also made life a little easier by realizing the key to success is taking it on piece by piece. There are steps we have to take and personal evolution coaching helped me climb those steps by creating a foundation, and teaching me how to build those steps on my own.

My coach, Jessica, was amazing. She was super patient and understanding. She actively listens and asks questions to make you reflect more on what you said, and why you said it. It helped me be more self-aware and take time to reflect on my own, which led me to make those hard decisions and set goals. Every week I set "action" and "being" goals which my coach held me accountable to. This process helped train my brain to think a certain way and ultimately to change my behavior for the better. It created a really harmonious relationship that simplified achievement and made it so much easier.

Betty A. - Freelance, Graphic Designer

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