My goal was to create a community of well-informed, competent retail traders who are capable of long-lasting success navigating the global futures markets. I initially worked with Famous Equation to build and design my website. After receiving several inquiries about my trading methodologies, and requests to create a course from fellow traders, I decided it was time to offer an online course. I hired Famous Equation to help me design and build-out a learning experience which is essentially a membership-only website portal and robust e-course.

I enjoyed how easily it was to communicate my vision for my website and course look and feel to Famous Equation. They took my vision and ran with it, coming back to me with an even better end-product than I thought was possible. Having the knowledge and expertise in my field is one thing but knowing how to present it in an effective course format is an entirely different ballgame. My consultant, Jessica, was able to take everything in my head and helped me create an incredible multimedia learning experience for my subscribers. I really appreciated the personal and thoroughly professional experience they gave me. Communication was outstanding from start to finish.

I am now preparing for my course launch and excited to share this wonderful creation thanks to the tremendous help and expertise from everyone at Famous Equation. Overall, this was a fantastic experience and I highly recommend Famous Equation for any business.

Paul R. - Owner, Educator at Emini Futures Trader

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